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Charity and Trustee Liability Insurance

Charity and Trustee liability insurance available immediately online from £130.

Liability Insurance for a Charity and the Trustees can be quoted and purchased online from Hiscox (via PIA our online partner). The Charity Commission of England and Wales lay down the responsibilities of trustees in CC3 which can be found on the Charity Commission website. These responsibilities create liiabilities for trustees and they include the application, protection and investment of the charity's property, supervision of employees and agents of the charity, maintenance and preparation of the accounts for the charity.

A breach of duty by trustees can lead to unlimited personal liability for the trustees concerned. Click here for claims examples of the type of liability a trustee might experience.

In order to protect the assets of the Charity and avoid possible conflicts with the Charity Commissioner it would be prudent to take out charity and trustees liability insurance which can protect the trustee and provide legal costs.

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Charity and Trustee Liability Insurance

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