Terrorism Pool Re Covers

Pool Re is the main provider of terrorism in the UK. The cover is constantly evolving and the following video provides their current thinking. There are two key foundation stones of the Pool Re scheme. Firstly, both Pool Re, and by extension its members, must accept all eligible risks for terrorism cover and cannot decline an otherwise eligible risk.…

Legal Expenses

Why buy commercial legal expenses

Commercial legal expenses can be an invaluable additional insurance purchase. The cover is relatively inexpensive and aside from the legal costs cover provided the helplines can be an invaluable resource in respect of employment issues and other business risks. Contact us if you require assistance.

Cyber insurance

Cyber Insurance is a necessity for every business

Cyber-crime is growing at a phenomenal rate and is hardly ever out of the news. Unfortunately, there is a still a sentiment prevalent within some British businesses that “it will never happen to me”, although the reality is that many businesses are being targeted every single day. When we asked one of our insurers for some examples that…

Manage your drivers using data

Serious motor incidents involving HGV drivers always make the headlines, whilst a company car driver who carries out a motoring misdemeanour that negatively affects other road users can bring instant shame on the company name. A few years ago, preventing eventualities like this, which could conceivably have been avoided, would have seemed an impossibility in many cases. In the new…